• the Lord is my light whom shall fear?

  • Anonyme

    You know what?
    I never walk(work) in front of the other .c is impolite.
    I never walk(work) behind the others I costs much more.
    But j like walking(working) quoted(esteemed) the others we let us be every equal .......

  • The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall i fear?
    The Lord is the strenght of my life of whom shall i be afraid?
    When the wicked came against me to eatup my flesh,my enemies and foes,they stumbled and fall.
    Though an army may encamp against me,my heart shall not fear; though war may rise against me,in this i'll be confidend.

  • Lord, forgive me for my sins
    I put hits on all you niggaz, includin some old friends
    Money come and go, but the trill will remain
    Bitch, I keep it real like I'm still dealin 'caine
    Realest shit I wrote and I put this on this quote
    Befo' I had a flow, I had a kilogram of coke
    Money on the flo', twenty homies on the books
    Fat mob boss but I'm runnin wit the crooks
    No need for a vest, that'll suffocate the flesh
    I'm Martin on the balcony anticipatin death (death!)
    Let the rifles sing, 'cause "I have a dream"
    My Coretta Scott-King in the tub fulla cream
    Pink champange seem to take away the pain
    While the blue hollow points penetratin all the lames (lames)
    Money ain't a thang - bitch, that's a lie!
    It only controls every bitch that's alive
    Money manifests, haters gotta die (die!)
    Tia never +Told+ you that dat motherfucker rides
    Niggaz takin sides, crack smokin wives
    Crackin crabs at the tables, count the cash, crack the wine
    Snakes gotta feel it, beef never squashed (never)
    This time I'm embark on my Million Man March
    I'm unorthodox, name me the victor